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Fri, Oct. 30th, 2020, 02:08 am

This is mostly friends-locked, so if you have a burning desire to read it, god only knows why, comment. I will probably let you, unless you're a mortal enemy, of which I don't currently have any.

Fri, Jan. 11th, 2008, 06:59 pm
If you read one entry in my journal, make it this one.

Today, after a delightful morning spent sitting in the sun, gazing upon the Hutt Valley, reading the paper and drinking coffee, I went to Maranui Surf Club with the 'rents, had more coffee and started animatedly singing the virtues of reuseable supermarket bags and explaining in detail the use of portrait roundels in Romano-Campanian fresco painting. I had forgotten how much my parents ignore me when I start going on a tirade, and it is a remarkably effective way of shutting me up. So no more on the oil crash and the "portrait of Sappho"; I was cowed into silence whilst exploring the fascinating lighting shop around Lyall Bay.

Gods, I love this town. There is nothing better on a day like this - it is a city ideally suited to a beautiful summer's day, when the colours of sun and sea come out, coast and harbour and hills. The more I travel the more I appreciate it, as is to be expected I suppose. Everything, really - the availability of flat whites, the culinary variety, the accent that makes me grin and cringe all at once, the penchant for casualness, the view of the city as you come in around Oriental Bay and the way you can pick out every building - I work there, she used to work there, that's where thingie works. I still get a bit of a thrill wandering around the central city at lunchtime or on weekends, the way you traverse the various districts in such a short space of time, from the suits to the hippies to the little kids. There's life to it, despite the fact it's little more than a hamlet, really, and despite the fact it makes me a little sick to the stomach when I think about the sticky incestuous film that connects Wellingtonians, never by any more than two degrees (and I don't mean literally incestuous, of course). I am in no hurry whatsoever to export myself overseas.

Come Monday I get to enjoy the city a bit more - work is back, four days fulltime I think I'll do (at least until this essay is done). Working fulltime in the new building will be even cooler - I'm right at the centre of things, people are forced to walk past me all the time, and lovely conversations result (unlike the old building, where i was locked away in a cupboard).

...Are you supposed to feel like this coming back from a long overseas stint?

Speaking of which,

very select pictures from Greece, Berlin and ParisCollapse )

That was a very quickly chosen sampling from 1400 or so, so I can't guarantee it's representative in any way, and leaves out a lot of awesome stuff.

Sat, Oct. 20th, 2007, 02:38 pm

Whoever thought paper could be so vicious?

After I had been spending nearly an hour trying to get some articles printed out (long and boring story), I was innocently loading new paper into the printer when several pieces of it savagely ATTACKED me, cutting me in three places at once. No, I'm serious... and it stung like hell. Damn near ripped the skin.

I have been attacked by paper before, but never to that extent.

Tue, Oct. 16th, 2007, 12:30 am



*is speechless, apt since I am dead*

*comes back to life*

Kristin was utterly amazing. She did some of my favourite songs - Speed and Sleep, Hook in Her Head, SPAIN (OMG SPAIN), Me and My Charms, Gazebo Tree, Your Dirty Answer, Heaven, Summer Salt, SNO CAT (OMG SNO CAT), Cartoons, Winter (OMG WINTER), Pearl even! God I could virtually have chosen the set list. The songs lost none of their power transferred to solo acoustic styles; if anything it gave them an added starkness and impact.

She's an amazing performer, and her intensity is entirely engrossing, if a little scary. She stares at a fixed point, and it's like she's entirely IN her songs. And the emphatic bits provoke her famous growl, and facial expressions to match.

Her voice - gods, there are no words. Speaking of words, the way she has with words... I swear it's pure genius. I probably looked like a dick mouthing all the lyrics but I hardly cared. The intricacy of her lyrical world, her fabulous imagery, and her cuttingly perfect little epigrams never fail to get me.

But, so it turns out, she's not at all scary - I chatted to her afterwards, babbled a little (she mentioned 50 Foot Wave - I said, I love them too! I mean you, I mean you're a part of them and...) and thanked her profusely, and she was friendly and gracious and generally awesome.

The venue was pretty damn packed, though I was lucky enough to get a spot right at the front, unobscured view of the woman. And no, I didn't block anyone's view, I carefully arranged it so.

Just... wow. She mentioned something about coming back with 50 Foot Wave, and man, we just have to hope she does.

I need no other lover/wife!!! Ever! (though I'll bet the million other dykes there were thinking the same thing)

Mon, Sep. 3rd, 2007, 08:51 pm

The past three hours have passed quicker than I remember three hours passing in quite some time, and disturbingly enough they were spent reading 35 more lines of Euripides than I had to. I disturb myself; if I am not careful I shall actually LIKE Greek. Only the Eclogues have ever been such a translation-experience, and I find Northern Exposure (mostly the first one) the perfect music (I used to spend literally whole days doing Latin listening to them).

But school will have to be careful if it keeps being this fun or I will fall for it again.

Equally disturbingly, I think I am turning into a man. I am growing odd long hairs on my chin, and my legs are sprouting epic man-like growth. It would be really easy to remove it, but it's more fun to keep it there.

I found a word in my Greek dictionary meaning "to furnish with dykes". I know they didn't mean it THAT way, but still.... snigger.

I walked up the harbourview hill this evening. It was interesting. My legs are complaining.

Further, points of appreciation for today: Where the hell would we be without snaplock bags? My dependence on them is almost absolute. Also, Pak n Save actually has really nice garlic bread. Finally, Kristin Hersh and the Throwing Muses have replaced anyone else as my favourite musicmakers EVAH. Today's beguiling moments: the short gorgeous songs they are always shoving in the middle of their albums. Oh, oh, oh and this song; I had completely forgotten its brilliance. I am quickly becoming obsessed. Oops.

Mon, Aug. 13th, 2007, 08:46 pm

Does it somewhat diminish from the gravitas of the class rep position to have an email address involving "shorty4u2luv" and a common free webmail provider?


I went and spent FAR too much on cds today, to add to the FAR too much I spent yesterday. Over the past while I have acquired

the new Tori (positively epic, some stunning numbers, though a little monotonous)
Dolores O'Riordan (as I say, I'm not really supposed to like it but I do, though I have lost my TWO copies of No Need to Argue)
Tracey Thorn (gorgeous and perfectly loaded with electroniccy blips; I can't seem to get enough of her voice. People bash this as well but it fills me with joy, it's an intoxicating combination of piano and fake-instrument and beguiling voice)
the Fur Patrol EP (last song lovely - she ought to keep to the slower numbers, it brings out her abundant vocal ability)
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP (BIG and ballsy. I never really liked their first album, and this is kind of like it except for some reason less irritating to me)
Kristin Hersh's Grotto (so delightfully ponderous and melancholy - the first notes of Sno Cat remind me of the desolate vibe of S-K's Good Things, and Deep Wilson has the kind of driving persistent chorus that jumps up and surprises you, like Me and My Charms)
the Butchies Are We Not Femme (a lovely belated birthday present from Mara, and my favourite of their cds - it still has that freshness and urgency and a hint of Team Dresch)
Julie Ruin (ah, I know, I know - but I guess I'm not destined to be a riot girl - I can't take fuzz anymore)
Ani's Not a Pretty Girl (actually really really good! she's remarkably vocally expressive, always sneering and tearing. I always assumed she was as lame as the cliche har har, but she's super awesome)
my very own copy of Sasha & Digweed Northern Exposure, though that's hardly new music, but YAY, still the most sublime and wonderful electronic mix I've to hear, and ages very well (though it appears to skip on the last track on both cds, very annoying)
and a couple of others.

The electronic stuff is lacking, though I'm making up for it with the lovely dvds. Still love Dark Globe. Want to get ahold of Ellen Allien & Apparat for some reason. I've been playing Sinead's Lion and the Cobra excessively, I'm into things that pour emotion all over you at the moment. I seem to want many different women singing in my ear. and my bank balance is screeching at me. oh well.

I probably should have cut this but I didn't. OH well. deal.

Sun, Aug. 12th, 2007, 02:42 am

Tonight I went to Minuit and they were quite stunning indeed. The vast and glorious panoply of sounds which can be extracted from the guts of electronic equipment never fails to amaze me. It was a few moments, at least, of sheer pleasure for the sake of it. They did wonderful versions of Boy with the Aubergine Hair, Bury You in Brazil, Menace and even The Sum of Us (a song I am not crazy about in its album version). mmm. I have resolved to see more live music. Though I should stop staying up til 3 every night listening to cds; a vast pile is accumulating in bed beside me. Though at least when I reach for something to cuddle there will be a bit of hard plastic to console me. Doesn't quite compare to girl, funnily enough.

I have concluded that there exist semi-divine geese in Greek mythology. Semi-divine geese bigger than a man, or as big as half a goddess.

Mon, Aug. 6th, 2007, 09:50 pm

I realised today that I have a horrible, never-to-be-expressed, hubristic, shameful, longstanding desire to bring someone to their knees just with my words. I want to touch someone....

Would I were actually able to write.

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